Kalmbach Feeds

Equine – Kalm N EZ, Kalm Ultra, Essential K, Growth Pellet, Growth Textured, K Finish, Sweet Country

Poultry – Layer Pellet, Layer Crumbles, Growth Pellet, Growth Textured, Scratch Grain, 44% Poultry Supplement, Non-Gmo Layer Pellets, Non-Gmo Layer Crumbles, and Non-Gmo 22% Chick Starter

Sheep/Lamb – Show Star, Show Lamb Extreme, 36% sheep supplement

Goat – Billy the Kid, Milk & Meat Goat, Shootout Goat Finisher

Cattle – 16% Calf Starter, 18% Calf Starter, 42% Beef Supplement, and 34% Beef Supplement, and 36% Non-Gmo Beef Supplement

Rabbit – 15% Rabbit, 18% Rabbit, Non-Gmo 16% Rabbit, and Non-Gmo 16% Goat Feed

Llama & Alpaca – Alpaca Pellets and Alpaca Crumbles



Plus many more options available!